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Christian Heritage Association



Christian Principles and Policies





Christian Principles:


1)   The scriptures of the Holy Bible in their original text are inerrant and were inspired by the Holy Spirit.     

2)   Salvation is only through acceptance of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ provided by His death on the cross as a sacrifice for sin.

3)   The Lord Jesus Christ had a bodily resurrection and ascended into heaven.

4)   The Lord Jesus Christ performed miracles, was born divine, is divine and was born of the Virgin Mary.  God is Triune and reveals himself in these three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

5)   The Lord Jesus Christ will return in His Second Coming.

6)   The Sanctity of Life is to be protected 100% from the womb to the grave.

7)   God ordained that marriage is to be between one man and one woman.

8)   Our rights are given by God and not by man. 

9)   The Christian Heritage Association advocates a non-violent approach to restoring our country to its Christian foundation.

10. Leaders in the church, community, and civil government, etc. are to be Christians of good moral character.





1.  The Christian Heritage Association is a ministry and is not a political organization or fund-raising club.

2.  The Christian Heritage Association has chosen to NOT be a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity with tax-exempt status.  This allows the organization to speak freely of God's word as it relates to all areas of life, including civil government.   Therefore, the National Christian Heritage Association Organization and its leaders and chapters do not solicit funds from the public or hold fund-raisers. The leadership and its members, at the National, State and local level, are responsible for assuming the cost of their ministry.  It is presumed that money collected by each chapter's membership will be spent in that chapter's community and not paid to a higher level chapter or to the National organization.  

3.  Neither the National Christian Heritage Association Organization nor its chapters endorse candidates for public office.  The National leadership team does at times endorse organizations that are promoting the Principles of the Christian Heritage Association.

4.  It is not necessary to become an official member of the Christian Heritage Association to be active with the ministry, as the purpose of the organization is to involve every Christian to freely act in restoring our country. However, if a leader or chapter wishes to use the name "Christian Heritage Association," they must adhere to the Christian Principles and Policies of the Christian Heritage Association. If a leader or chapter would like to become officially recognized by the national organization, they may do so by contacting the director for an application by email at



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